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Kitchen Remodeling Articles

You deserve the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Whether visions of marble countertops or new stainless-steel appliances have been dancing in your head, RPH can make that a reality for you. RPH recognizes that a kitchen remodel is a big investment, both emotionally and financially. So we are a one-stop shop for your kitchen remodeling needs, […]

Bathroom Remodeling And Redesigning Article

At RPH, we understand that when it comes to bathroom design and remodeling space is limited. The difference between our general contractors and the rest is that our bathroom remodelers are experts in understanding the nature and demands of any bathroom renovation project right away. Our goal at RPH is for there to be coordination […]

Rental Property Maintenance And Repairs Articles

If you’re a landlord, you know that keeping your rental property in good shape is important. Not only does it make your tenants happy, but it also helps to keep your property value high. That’s where our Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs service comes in. We offer a wide range of services to help you […]